Don’t RFC-Validate Email Addresses

Many applications require users to register or enter their email addresses. As good, standards-compliant developers, we want to validate and accept these email addresses using RFC standards. We think it will help us in the future, and make our app a shining beacon of usability to be admired.


Scaling PostgreSQL With Pgpool and PgBouncer

Deploying PostgreSQL in a high-demand environment requires reliability and scalability. PostgreSQL’s ecosystem offers the tools you need to build out a robust database system. This guide offers a high-level description of tools used to build a high-availability, scalable, fault-tolerant service.

These tools are explained:

How Queuing With Resque Works

Resque is a fast, lightweight, and powerful message queuing system used to run Ruby jobs asynchronously (or in the background) from your on-line software for scalability and response. I needed to integrate software written in different languages and environments for processing, and this is my understanding of the implementation.

PostgresNoSQL: The Hidden NoSQL in PostgreSQL

Recently, NoSQL data stores have been getting a lot of attention, as an alternative to using a relational database. They allow more complex data structures to be stored and queried than you find in the table-row-column model.

The PostgreSQL relational database server has several data features that you would expect to be found only in the NoSQL data stores.

Open Source Win and Fail

I have long enjoyed using Open Source Software (OSS) as a developer for many good reasons. It is not even an issue of being “free”, but of having community access to the code to learn, troubleshoot, and enhance the functionality. Support for OSS by the community is fast and accurate. As the source is scrtinized by both the white hats and the black hats, it is also make more secure from attacks and vulerabilities.