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Energizing Creativity with Ambient Noise Generators

Mar 24, 2014

Coffee house murmurs are all the rage these days for workers trying to get into the zone while working independently. Last year, New York Times published How the Hum of a Coffee Shop Can Boost Creativity which explored the phenomenon.

I’ve recently tried out Coffitivity and found it interesting. They have apps for your IOS, Mac, and Android devices. However, my ear started picking up identifiable laughs and a “hey” in the loop that tugged at my mind when they occurred.

So I did some searching and found a few web sites that used different takes on the idea.

Rainy Cafe Uses a mix of rain and café sounds, and you can control the levels of each sound. This sounded good, but sometimes rain seems depressing if you are feeling cold, or odd when it is sunny outside.

Jazz and Rain uses cool jazz music against a rainy café backdrop. Again, you can control the music, café and rain volumes in the mix. The music provides a good sound for creativity.

Soundrown pulls out 10 ambient sounds that you turn on and mix for your own mood. Besides the café and rain sounds, you find train, waves, fire, night, and white noise.

A Soft Murmur started with a mix of café, rain, and fire sounds. They recently added nature sounds a singing bowl, perfect for relaxation.

So check out these options the next time you want the energy of ambient café sounds to inspire you to make something great!